Building a query!

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Building a query!

Post by carpy01 »

I've been asked to generate a report of all the female members of the church and their email addresses.
I can't figure out how to get, what I get is a list of names from the Integrated Form "Household Key". Carpenter, Dave and Judi
and the email on the Integrated Form (Dave's email).
Many of our female members have their own email addresses and want those addressed used.
How do I get the query to select from the ME table?
Not the MA table!
Dave Carpenter

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Re: Building a query!

Post by Zorak »

To get information from Personal Profiles, you will need to create the Custom Report from under the Personal Profiles menu. Even then, the query selectors and output fields list the Family Mailing List fields first, since you have access to both MA and ME from Personal Profiles reports. Scrolling down further, you will start seeing fields labeled Profile.

All that aside, you should be able to get this using a built-in report. Take a look under Personal Profiles > Reports - Personal Profiles. Run the Email Addresses Included in Bulk Mailings report. Enter F in the Gender field on the Selection Criteria screen. That will give you a list of family and/or profile email addresses for all females.

That is making an assumption that if the person's email is set to not be included in mailings from the church that you don't want them included in the report. If instead, you want to include all emails, regardless of the bulk mailings setting (and optionally to include those that are set as unlisted) choose the Email Directory report instead.

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