PowerChurch Software Confidentiality of Information
Technical Support
As a part of our service, it may be necessary for us to examine your data to help locate the exact nature of a problem. Therefore, we may request you send a backup copy of your data to our office. Please be assured we are committed to safeguarding the confidential data we receive.

Each employee of PowerChurch Software is required to sign a Confidentiality Statement. Because of the nature of the Company's business, each employee must recognize and respect the confidential nature of the information that he or she comes in contact with during employment at PowerChurch Software. This also applies to users' information which the employee may work with.

When a backup of data is received, it is restored to the technician's computer for examination or repair. Once completed, the technician will keep the data on their computer for a short period of time, in case there are any follow-up questions. The backup disk will be maintained in our office for a period of three months. At such a time, the data will be destroyed.

PowerChurch Online
The sensitive information that resides on our servers is only accessible to those you share your login information with. That is to say, only those in your organization who work in PowerChurch Online.

While it is possible for PowerChurch Software employees to access the information on the server, our employees do not access customer data unless it is deemed necessary as part of the resolution to an ongoing Technical Support issue. In this situation, your information, as mentioned in the prior section, is held in the stricted confidence.
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