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Forgotten Password

Post by GaboroneBaptist »

We are using the desktop version. The administrator has forgotten the system admin password. He has tried multiple times to try some guesses, but none of them are correct for the system admin. Is there any way to recover or reset the password so that we can get back into the system? Or is all hope lost and we just need to reinstall the software and begin again? Hopefully there is a way to get back into the system as it would be a major loss to have to lose everything that is contained within the software.

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Re: Forgotten Password

Post by Zorak »

There is a process in the program that will allow us to reset the password protection for you. Due to the nature of this process, there is an authorization form that we need to have completed before we can help. Linked below is the "Password Override Authorization" form. Please complete this form (including the signature of someone other than yourself authorizing us to reset the password protection with you) and return it by fax or email.

When we receive the completed form, the next available technician will give you a call and walk through the process with you. You will need access to PowerChurch Plus and the process will take approximately two minutes.

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