Custom Codes & Users

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Custom Codes & Users

Post by ccarr »

Within Membership, you can use custom codes and custom users to add information to families and personal profiles. I know how to add a custom list of options to choose from for each code or user. However, is there a way you can change "code" or "user 4" to a more descriptive name. For example, I am using "user 4" to indicate reason for removing a person to a deactivated status. Would like to change "user 4" to "Deact Reason" or something similar.

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Re: Custom Codes & Users

Post by Zorak »

You can change the field names by going to File > Preferences > Family Mailing List (and/or Personal Profiles) Setup. You can name the custom fields in Family Mailing List on the Codes tab, and in Personal Profiles, on the Dates, Codes, and Notes tabs.

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