Version 12 - 12/6/2017 Maintenance Release

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Version 12 - 12/6/2017 Maintenance Release

Post by Zorak »

A new Maintenance Release dated 12/6/2017 has been released for PowerChurch Plus Version 12.

The program will automatically download and install this update by going to Help > Download Maintenance Release, or you can manually download and install the Maintenance Release installer by visiting in your web browser.

PowerChurch Online servers will be updated automatically overnight. No further action needs to be taken.

This Maintenance Release resolves the following issues:

Fund Accounting
  • Income & Expense Statement formatting when saved to Excel file
  • Budget Report can have black border around all accounts
  • Budget Report can have Crystal Reports error
  • Range of accounting months available in reports may not include unposted transactions' month/year
  • Reopen a closed month can open too many months
  • Add Repeating Transaction entering an account number can error
Accounts Payable
  • Void a Check - Vendor ID selection needs to be uppercase
  • Void a Check - If voiding multiple checks, accounting transaction is not cleared
Accounts Receivable
  • Maintain Customers screen can error if auto-complete functionality is disabled
  • Account Statements should not show 0.00 amount on notes-only lines
  • Account Statements not including manually created credit memos (ie converted from prior version)
  • Account/Payment Statements address alignment for window envelopes
  • Apply Credit Memo screen some fields can be read-only when they shouldn't be
  • Apply Credit Memo shouldn't allow voided invoices
  • Invoices don't show payment amounts correctly when payment applied to multiple invoices
  • Invoices should allow a message to print on each
  • Past Due Invoices report incorrectly shows previously closed invoices with large open balances
  • View Invoices/Payments - If logged in as user (not System Admin) notes field can be read-only
  • Active Pledges report count of pledges at the end is incorrect
  • Data Entry Only users can't see any Contributions reports
  • Data Entry Only user can error get error on Enter Contributions
  • User with only access doesn't see warning message when trying to open Check Reader screen (does nothing instead)
  • Those who pledged last year but not this year report title has "given" not "pledged"
  • View Posted Contributions added Navigation List
Activities & Skills
  • Class Family Directory can have Crystal Reports error
  • Class Family Directory only shows first line of address
  • Import Activities from CSV allows activity numbers > 9999