Version 8.5 Maintenance Release Notes

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Version 8.5 Maintenance Release Notes

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New Maintenance Release for 8.5 dated 12/28/2005
ISSUES CORRECTED IN THIS MAINTENANCE RELEASE Here are some of the issues that have been corrected with this Maintenance Release.

Under certain circumstances, an "error instantiating cursor object" error message would come up when creating a Custom Report.

When running Account Statements in Accounts Receivable and choosing the option to include accounts with zero balances and no activity, those accounts were not being included.

Under certain circumstances, the customer's name and address were getting dropped from Account Statements printed from Accounts Receivable.

If you chose a phone number from Personal Profiles when creating the phone dialer file from within Activities and Skills, you would get an error message indicating "alias 'ME' is not found."

Recent changes enacted by the Canada Revenue Agency require a specific message to appear on all contribution receipts. It has always been possible to include text that would print on each receipt, but this information is now included automatically at the bottom of each receipt so it doesn't have to be added as a message.

Several typographical and spelling errors were discovered and corrected.
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