Version 12 - 7/12/2021 Maintenance Release

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Version 12 - 7/12/2021 Maintenance Release

Post by Zorak »

A new Maintenance Release dated 07/12/2021 has been released for PowerChurch Plus Version 12.

The program will automatically download and install this update by going to Help > Download Maintenance Release, or you can manually download and install the Maintenance Release installer by visiting in your web browser.

PowerChurch Online servers will be updated automatically overnight. For PowerChurch Online users, no further action needs to be taken.

This Maintenance Release includes the following:

  • Export to Access utility errors if a database file has lowercase file extension
  • Combined reports menus (Membership, Accounting, and Record Keeping) can become unresponsive
  • Custom field names can cause duplicate field names error in Export Data utilities
  • Custom code field values aren't exporting properly in Export Data utilities
Activities & Skills
  • Promotion Year isn't available in Custom Reports
  • Send email message to a group errors with NLASTMAIL not found
  • Fast Data Entry - When additional present count is loaded from data, the "X people present" label isn't updated with the correct count
  • Deleting a Contribution Type and replacing with an existing value doesn't update Repeating Contributions
Fund Accounting
  • Chart of Accounts Fund Comparison report doesn't properly report accounts in an inactive fund
  • View Posted Transactions doesn't sort properly by Date Entered column
  • View Posted Transactions Date Posted column header doesn't go bold or have arrow icon when sorted
  • Add New Account form should be taller to allow more accounts to be shown
  • Excess Income\Expense label in reports should be Excess Income/Expense
Accounts Payable
  • Open Items Report doesn't total properly on check paying multiple invoices
  • Don't show duplicate values in vendor name fields on 1099s
  • Can't print 1099 forms when only corrected forms exist
  • 1099 form doesn't allow blank amounts (necessary for correcting certain fields)
  • 1096 form is blank when no 1099s have an amount to report
Accounts Receivable
  • Customer Type Description field is not available in Custom Reports
  • Post Accounts Receivable isn't available to add in Quick Tasks menu
  • 941 form and e-file process updated for 2021 Q2
  • Colorado tax table calculation method has changed

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