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12/2 Maintenance Release notes

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By popular demand, here's a copy of the email sent to MR subscribers for the 12/2/2004 v9 release.
Dear PowerChurch Plus User,

We are writing to let you know that a new Maintenance Release has just been made available for PowerChurch Plus Version 9.

You can download this Maintenance Release through the following web address:

If you have problems downloading the Maintenance Release, you can order a copy on CD for only $15 (US) by calling us at (800) 486-1800.

ISSUES CORRECTED IN THIS MAINTENANCE RELEASE Here are some of the issues that have been corrected with this Maintenance Release.

Based on user feedback, the format of the Accounting Fund Balances report has been changed so it more closely resembles the report from prior versions of PowerChurch Plus.

The new activity role field in Activities and Skills was not included as an available field in Custom Reports in the Activities and Skills module.

It was not possible to leave the default debit account number blank under Maintain Vendor Records in Accounts Payable as you could in prior versions. The program was changed so you can leave either account number field blank.

When adding e-mail server settings, it is now possible to add an SMTP port for e-mail servers that do not use the standard port (25). To do this, simply add a colon and the port number after the server name (e.g.

A total for the number of pledges has been added to the end of the Active Pledges report.

If you chose to delete a family with posted contributions through the Integrated Data Entry screen and then chose "no" on the first confirmation screen, the first person listed under the Family Members tab would not be a member of the family. The issue was just a display problem and clicking "next" then "previous" would correct the display. The actual family members were never changed.

If you have any questions, just give us a call at (800) 486-1800 or send an e-mail to:

PowerChurch Software
PowerChurch Software Technical Support
(800) 486-1800

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