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Release announcement for 12/23/2004 v9 program date (released 12/27/2007).
ISSUES CORRECTED IN THIS MAINTENANCE RELEASE Here are some of the issues that have been corrected with this Maintenance Release.

If you run labels and choose the option to restart printing at a specific record, you could get an error message indicating that the "data type is invalid for this property."

If you enter both positive and negative invoices in Accounts Payable and then do a Locate, all the amounts appear as positive numbers.

Year end transactions were not be included on the Accounting Fund Balances report even when you checked the box to include them.

If you tried to delete a family that had no family members in it, you would get a "record out of range" error.

The annual budget and annual budget difference amounts were not being calculated correctly on the Income and Expense Statement report.

A few typographical errors were discovered and corrected.
The email announcement should go out later today.
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