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Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 10:48 am
by Zaphod
Release announcement for 1/26/2005 program date (released 1/27/2005):
ISSUES CORRECTED IN THIS MAINTENANCE RELEASE Here are some of the issues that have been corrected with this Maintenance Release.

If you run the Accounting Fund Balances report through the last month of your accounting year and you leave the "include year end transactions" box unchecked, the income and expense amounts could be wrong, but the year to date amounts would be correct.

The calculator was missing from the Enter Transactions and Modify Unposted Transactions screens in Fund Accounting.

Under certain circumstances, you could get a "record out of range" error when trying to delete personal profiles.

On the Income and Expense Statement report, amounts affecting transfer accounts were not being calculated correctly in the excess income/expense section of the report.

If you convert from Version 8.5 to Version 9, all the items that were marked to be included on the 1099-MISC form are cleared in Version 9.

The last digit of the state tax ID was not printing on the W3 form. It appeared correctly on the W2 forms, however.

After you restore a backup, PowerChurch will exit, and you'll have to restart it.

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