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Here's the announcement for the 3/9/2005 MR (released 3/10/2005):
ISSUES CORRECTED IN THIS MAINTENANCE RELEASE Here are some of the issues that have been corrected with this Maintenance Release.

Under certain circumstances, a "record out of range" error could occur when adding families through the Integrated Data Entry screen.

Using the advanced e-mail option to limit the number of e-mails sent in a certain amount of time could cause problems when e-mailing Contribution Statements. The program would send the first set and then none of the others would be sent.

When contributions were posted to a file and then that file was used to update Fund Accounting on another computer, the actual debits and credits would not post correctly in Fund Accounting.

If you ran an Account Activity report that crossed multiple accounting years, the beginning balances on income, expense and transfer accounts were not being calculated correctly.

Under certain circumstances, network users with lots of data in Membership could experience substantial delays when trying to open the Integrated Data Entry screen.

When the carrier route was included in a Custom Report, the first letter was always the letter "C" regardless of what the actual carrier route was in the data.

The file containing user defined macros was never being backed up, so if you ever reinstalled the software and restored data from a backup, you would have to recreate any macros that had been defined.

When you ran the Trial Balance report for beginning balances, liability and equity accounts would show the amount as negative when it was really positive or vice versa.

We have added some new functionality to the Balance Sheet, Income and Expense Statement and Account Activity reports. There is now an option to include unposted transactions on these reports, so you can now see what the balances are before posting your transactions.

NOTE: We have had a small number of users report an issue with characters on some reports overlapping and our Program Development Department is still working on this issue. It has NOT been corrected in this Maintenance Release, but the correction should be available in the next one.
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