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I've been negligent in getting this info up, sorry.

ISSUES CORRECTED IN THIS MAINTENANCE RELEASE Here are some of the things that have been changed or corrected in this Maintenance Release.

If you saved and opened a Pictorial Directory report in Word or Excel format, you would get a runtime error indicating a "pure virtual function call" when closing PowerChurch Plus.

The description for the Employee Master List report in Payroll indicated that employee pay items were included on it, but they were not and the report was not intended to include them, so the description was changed.

If you included the pledge balance outstanding on the Pledge Statement, a 4 or
5 digit envelope number would have a comma in it.

If you tried to create a file for the PhoneTree system from within Activities and Skills and you chose one of the phone numbers from Personal Profiles, you would get an error indicating "alias 'ME' is not found."

The Weekly Column Format layout of the Attendance Register Form would not allow for more than 12 columns before going to a second page. Since a quarter is 13 weeks, the program was changed to allow 13 columns before going to another page.

If there is no drive available to make a backup to, the program would display a drive labeled ".F." which caused some confusion since "F" could be an actual drive letter.

The Canada Revenue Agency now requires their name and web address to appear on Contribution Tax Receipts. Although this could have been accomplished by simply adding that information to the message that appears on all statements/receipts, the program now includes this information automatically at the end of each receipt.
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