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Directory to Excel

Post by CUUCSW »

Is it possible to export the Directory information to Excel for editing/manipulation?

The Directory from PC prints inactive (adult) children and deceased spouses, and I need to remove those and not have them in our new directory.

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Re: Directory to Excel

Post by Zorak »

When running a Church Directory report, on the second step labeled "Which Personal Profiles do you want to include in the directory" there is a Personal Status code selection at the bottom left. Click the ALL button and exclude the statuses of people you don't want to include in the report.

To answer your actual question, you can save the report as various file types, including Excel XLS, by clicking the Save As button (floppy disk icon) in the Report Preview toolbar once you have the report up on the screen. If you have the report set to include family pictures, then the only Save As option will be PDF. In that case, however, you can still edit PDFs in Word.

If after making the Personal Status selections, you still have things that need to be manually edited outside of PowerChurch, it's a good idea to make the necessary updates to the person's information in PowerChurch, rather than editing the report output, so you only have to do it one time.

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