Printer Driver Error

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Printer Driver Error

Post by wvuuc »

PC Online 11.1, Win XP Home SP3, HP psc 750
Printed checks yesterday, and posting reports today.
Tried to print an AP check today after changing the custom check layout. Got this message:
LINE: 123
ERROR: 1958
MESSAGE: Error loading printer driver.
When I clicked OK, PowerChurch closed.
Re-opened PowerChurch. Tried to print a report. Nothing happened.
Printed from Excel today after this error with no problem.
I'm confused and could use some direction.
Wayne Daniel, Board
West Valley UU Church
Glendale, Arizona

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Program Development
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Re: Printer Driver Error

Post by Tracy »

When you created the custom check layout, did you use a style based on one of the Tractor layouts?

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