Check in Kiosk not counting towards class totals on the serv

The PowerChurch Check In system is an add-on product that works along side PowerChurch Plus to provide you an affordable and easy to use Check In system.

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Check in Kiosk not counting towards class totals on the serv

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We are attempting to start using Power Church Plus Check In specifically for our nursery area. At this time we only have two classes.
We have two kiosks that allow check in (one primarily for check in and the other off to the side for new registrations).
When registering and updating on either kiosk, the family data updates in Power Church.
When checking in a child on the check in machine, the count updates appropriately. If you view the class roster on that machine or on the main power church server pc in the office, the totals match.
If you check in on the machine for registration, it acts like it's not connected. The class roster from that machine doesn't pick up check ins from the other machine and you can't see the children checked in there when viewing the roster from the other machine. That's my main issue. Obviously since updating families and adding new families work on the registration kiosk, the server information is correct.

I did notice though, that if I go to check out from the check in kiosk, the student's checked in at the registration kiosk are available to be checked out.

Is there a setting missing or is this working as designed where the class rosters are independent? That wouldn't make sense to me, but I just don't know what to expect.


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