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Postby NeilZ » Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:42 pm

When I run Contribution Statements all I see is a name and address, everything else is blank. No dates, no fund names, no amounts

Version 11.1 and higher now allow you to select which Contribution Funds are displayed on Contribution Statements. Make sure that you have the box for include on statements checked.

Will we run into any issues by posting last years contributions now since the new year has begun? We still have to input the last week of donations from last year.

If you're using version 11, not at all. As long as you use a date in December for entering the contributions, the transaction created will be dated for December. You can verify this by viewing the unposted transaction in Funds Accounting after you post. Once in Funds Accounting, the system will use the transaction date to post to the correct month.

If you're using v10 or earlier, you should make sure that after you post to Funds Accounting, that the Deposit Transactions created are posted to the correct month. This is done manually by selecting the month, and the transactions you want to post to that month.

Just a note, its not a good thing to delay entering Contributions if you're also using the Accounting module. Delaying will throw off reports, and not reflect the current checkbook balance.

I want to restart Accounting, but I'm worried that I'll lose all my Contributions data and history!!

There is much confusion about the relationship between the Contributions Database and the Accounting Database. A Contribution Fund does not equate to a Fund Accounting Fund. Two different things.

Contributions and Funds Accounting are Two Separate Modules and Databases. There is really no DIRECT interaction between them, other than when Contributions are posted over to Funds Accounting, and when you are setting up a new Contribution Fund. The setup routine just reads the Chart of Accounts so you can select the correct accounts to debit & credit.

When you Post Contributions to Funds Accounting, it simply calls a routine that creates a transaction and places it in the Unposted Transaction Queue of Funds Accounting using the account numbers that were located previously.

However, if you're going to restart accounting, then you're going to have to revisit the Contribution Fund setup module to adjust the Contribution Funds to point to the new accounts you've setup.
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