Can't post to Fund Accounting

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Can't post to Fund Accounting

Post by KHernandez18 »

I entered my contribution, verified with reports, then went to post the contribution to fund accounting. But the only two options for posting is "Print an Accounting Report" or "Only Update the Contribution Module". I posted to the Fund Accounting only 5 minutes before. Not sure what happened. Can you help, please?

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Re: Can't post to Fund Accounting

Post by Zorak »

The "Update Fund Accounting" option will be disabled if the contribution fund(s) you are posting into don't have account numbers assigned.

Take a look on the Maintain List of Contribution Funds screen under Contributions > Setup. Use the Locate button to bring up the fund in question. Click on the Accounting tab. Verify that there are both Debit (bank) and Credit (income) accounts assigned.

Repeat that process for each of the funds that had contributions in this posting.

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