Picture displayed over 2 data bands

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Picture displayed over 2 data bands

Post by fsjem »

I'm working on creating a custom directory booklet (5.5" x 8") that is sized to have 3 families on each page. On the top of the right side of each family, I have the general family info. Underneath that, I have a data group with family member information. On the left, I'm trying to have the family picture span the the data band with the general family information and the family member information. When I size the picture so it spans the 2 bands, it messes up all the entries when I go to print.

I've tried to use 2 columns for each entry but I couldn't make that work either (but I'm not completely sure I had the settings right)

Thanks for any suggestions.

version 12
windows 10

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Re: Picture displayed over 2 data bands

Post by Zorak »

Sizing the picture object to span across the bands should be all that is needed.

Can you give some more detail about how it "messes up all the entries"?

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