Report Showing Fund and Payable Info

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Report Showing Fund and Payable Info

Post by bedmonds »

We have set our chart of accounts up by committee. I would like to have or create a report that would be able to be broken out by account(committee) and also show the payable(check info) under each each account for a given month. Is there anyway to do this?

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Re: Report Showing Fund and Payable Info

Post by Zorak »

Unfortunately, I don't that is possible.

In Fund Accounting, we only have the ability to report on monthly balances, not individual transactions. The check info, I'm guessing, would be either specific transactions that have been written in Fund Accounting or Accounts Payable.

Being very acquainted with the Custom Reports system, I have not ever been able to get more than a list of accounts and balances from the custom reports in Fund Accounting. I have always found the reports that are built-in to Fund Accounting to be more than adequate. Any minor changes that you need to make can usually be done in Excel, after saving the report from the screen.

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