Accounts link to Checking Account

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Accounts link to Checking Account

Post by cthomas »

Is there a report set up currently that will tell me which Expense & Income accounts pull from which checking (asset) accounts? Or a checking account report that will list the Expense & Income accounts that pull off it. I'm cleaning up accounts behind someone and I need to know which accounts are tied to each other.

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Re: Accounts link to Checking Account

Post by Zorak »

There is not a link between checking accounts and income or expense accounts. Which checking account to use, along with which income or expense account to use is on a per transaction basis.

If you want to see a list of all the default items that are set up in the various areas of the program, there are reports to show you each of them:

- Contributions > Reports - Contributions > Fund Descriptions
- Accounts Payable > Reports - Accounts Payable > Vendor Accounts List
- Payroll > Reports - Payroll > Item Descriptions
- Accounts Receivable does not have such a report, since items and customers have separate settings

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