can run report

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can run report

Post by Chiugo »


i have a 2003 window on my server and i have been trying to run a report but i keep getting an error message " the phyical data not found". Can you help me.

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Re: can run report

Post by Tracy »

This is a message that has been reported with built in reports. There is a folder that belongs in the WINDIR which has been installed into another location due to a policy setting in the administrator setup of the machine or domain.

To get to the folder where this folder belongs:
Click Start -> Run
In the screen that appears, type: %windir%
Click OK

The folder you are looking for is named "Crystal". We have seen this somewhere in the users home folders.

If you need to search for this folder, in a CMD window type:

This will return folders that end with Crystal. Move or copy the folder to that location and your reports should start working.

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