Changing a character field to numeric

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Changing a character field to numeric

Post by brentbond »

I am doing a custom report in CONTRIBUTIONS. Because of a site specific reason, I am using FAMILY PHONE 3 to contain price information (ex 100.00). In my CONTRIBUTIONS custom report I would like to subtract CONTRIBUTIONS AMOUNT from FAMILY PHONE 3. I cant do this because FAMILY PHONE 3 is a character field. Is there a way to convert this to a numeric field just for my subtraction process?

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Re: Changing a character field to numeric

Post by Zorak »

You can use CAST() to change a character to a number. Your expression would look something like this:

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CAST(phone3 AS N(8,2))-amount
This will subtract the contribution amount from whatever number you have in family phone 3. Luckily, if some value in phone 3 is not able to be cast to a number, it will simply be zero rather than blowing up your report.

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