IIFing A Summary Report Sum

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IIFing A Summary Report Sum

Post by brentbond »

I am doing am Accounts Payable> Custom Report to show people we have paid over $600 in 2010 for 1099 purposes. I have used Detail Summary Report to "group" by vendor and "sum" an amount for them. The sum for each vendor produces and prints a variable called AMOUNT on the report. I tried to do an IIF on AMOUNT (if under $600 dont print etc) but AMOUNT is behaving like it is the last individual entry of that particular vendor not the total for that vendor (even though it prints it as the total). Can you steer me to what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

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Re: IIFing A Summary Report Sum

Post by Zorak »

Right... Create a variable to track the vendor total, rather than using that AMOUNT field in the group footer.

Under Report > Variables, click the Add button. Call it "m.total"
In the Value To Store field, enter "m.total + amount"
In the Initial Value field, enter 0
In Reset Value Based On, choose Group: Vendor

Then, back in the report body, change the "AMOUNT" field in the Group Footer to "m.total".
Under the Print When tab of the m.total field, set the Print When to "m.total>=600"

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