Login in ... hang ... close ... repeat

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Login in ... hang ... close ... repeat

Post by FFC »

Today I'm having an ongoing issue with PowerChurch Online locking up and then closing. I've logged in at least a dozen times today, only to have Power Church work for a minute or two, then it hangs and closes. I can log right back in, and the cycle repeats. In looking at the forums, I don't see anyone else with this exact issue, so I suspect it's probably on my end.

I've wondered if it has something to do with the IDS Client. I have seen mention in the forums of updating the IDS Client. My IDS client program files are all dated 2017. Where could I find an update to see if that would help?

I've wondered if it's my internet connection, but it seems to be working fine, and none of the other users in the building are having issues. I'm running Windows 10 Pro, on a fiber connection that's 15-20 mb. I've been postponing installing the latest windows update, because I prefer to wait until they have some of the bugs worked out.

Any ideas on what I could do to solve this?

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Re: Login in ... hang ... close ... repeat

Post by Zorak »

You can download and install the latest PowerChurch Online/IDS Client from our website at https://mypowerchurch.com

As for checking the internet connection, open a Command prompt (search under the start menu for "CMD") and run the following:

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tracert online.mypowerchurch.com
That will show each of the "hops" the connection is making in between your local computer and our server and the time (in milliseconds) it took to get there and back. There will only be so far that you are able to get, as the PCO servers don't accept ping requests and this type of connection. Once you see a reference to something like ERC Broadband (ERCNC), it has reached the data center where our servers reside and the rest of the trip will time out.

In a test I just ran, the max delay was 33ms. Usually when there is a network problem serious enough to cause a noticeable difference in your connection, it would be way up over 100ms or having multiple timeouts * * * on one or more of the hops.

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