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01/21/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A new maintenance release dated 01/21/2010 is available for version 11. The following items were fixed in this release:

  • An error can occur in the Google Calendar Sync process if you have a valid Google login, but no calendar
  • Links from within the program to external exe files, such as Google sync and Netsetup are looking in the local program directory, rather than the network program directory on network installs
  • Certain installs that occur from inside the program (reports, bar codes, etc) are not running properly
  • Certain menus have incorrect hot keys (ALT+...) assigned
  • Tab order is incorrect on Annual Budget Worksheet report options screen
  • Cash Management report does not include unposted Payroll figures
  • Errors can occur when running the 941 assistant
  • Housing Allowance does not show correctly on 941 and W2 for Social Security and Medicare wages
  • In certain instances, pastor salary does not show properly in state wages on W2
  • Possible to have negative dollar amounts showing on the W2 form
  • Maintain Tax Tables screen doesn't open the appropriate help document when pressing F1
  • Receipt number not printing properly on new Canadian Tax Receipt layout
  • Possible that Contribution Statements show check number as "..."
  • Contribution Statements sorted by zip code ignores alternate address zip code
  • Possible error when e-mailing contribution statements
  • Middle initial added to Canadian Tax Receipt
  • Bank Deposit Slip report not grouping checks properly
  • Possible error message in converting custom reports ("Variable MB_OK not found")
  • Add New Code causes an error when adding a new Event
  • When sending bulk e-mails, if a person does not have an e-mail address, an error could occur