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06/16/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release has been published for PowerChurch Plus version 11. Visit to download this release manually, or simply go to Help > Download Maintenance Release. The following issues were addressed in this Maintenance Release:

Accounts Payable

  • Repeating transaction can be out of balance in certain circumstances
  • Feature Change - Accounts Payable invoice/manual check description changes to match vendor name
  • Feature Change - Support added for July 1 change to Canadian HST


  • Feature Change - Consecutive Absentee report can now be grouped by Activity Type, to support multiple services
  • Feature Change - Blank Visitor lines added to Attendance Register Form on Weekly Column layout
  • Press F1 on Attendance Mail Merge/Labels screen opens wrong help topic
  • Activity Attendance report saved to Excel file layout problem


  • Added "Don't show this" option on Contributions date changed warning
  • An error occurs when you click the Refresh Report Options button on the Bank Deposit Slip
  • Monthly Contribution Totals report saved to Excel file layout problem
  • Calculator button removed from tab sequence on Enter Contributions
  • Contribution Fund Type not shown on funds lookup lists
  • Reverse contributions does not reverse designation
  • E-mail Contribution Statement doesn't recognize family e-mail
  • Error on fund lookup in Contributions graphs

Custom Reports

  • Unique family id (mail_no) missing from Custom Reports


  • Feature Change - Sync to Google Calendar now only syncs events from one month prior and 18 months future
  • Filtering by activity or church-wide on Events reports does not work
  • Sync to Google Calendar errors when Google server timeout
  • Uncheck "Sync to Google" setting on event does not remove it from Google Calendar on next sync

Family Mailing List

  • Visit Area and Who Visits fields return two digit codes instead of descriptions in some reports
  • Blank Family Form and Family Update Form missing profile phone # 5
  • Blank pages removed from Family Update Form

Fund Accounting

  • Income and expense account balances not resetting to $0 at beginning of the year in Custom Reports
  • Annual Budget Worksheet not including "Budget by the group" detail accounts


  • Running report from Quick Task menu does not load default profile
  • Tool tips added to buttons throughout Version 11
  • Users without "Maintain Custom Code" permissions can add new codes

Mailing Labels

  • 5162 14 label sheets out of alignment
  • When printing labels using Intelligent Mail Bar codes, a problem address will cause bar codes to stop printing

Ministry Services

  • Spell check button missing from Add Ministry Services
  • Feature Change - Allow future dates entered into Ministry Services Passwords/Permissions


  • Feature Change - 941 Form changing on July 1, 2010
  • Code "W" (health savings account) added as an option in Box 12 on the W2
  • W2 does not print second State or Locality
  • Feature Change - Arizona State tax table format changing on July 1, 2010
  • Post Payroll added to Accounting Audit Log

Personal Profiles

  • Select by Visit Area does not work on Selected Profiles - Full Details report


  • Error on deleting custom Visitations codes
  • Family Mailing List permissions should not be required to add new Visitations