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07/06/2010 - Version 10 Maintenance Release

A Maintenance Release dated 7/6/2010 was published for PowerChurch Plus version 10 and 10.4. The following changes were made in this release:

Accounts Payable

  • Missing date causes error on invoice and manual check
  • Account detail on check stub might use old, deleted acct names
  • Added prompt if A/P transaction does not affect an asset account


  • Attendance Register Form - Weekly Column format does not have visitor lines
  • Activity Attendance report is not formatted properly in Excel Contributions


  • Add "don't show this" option to Contribution date warning
  • Monthly Contribution Totals report is not formatted properly in Excel
  • Unposted Contributions report can group incorrectly by name instead of envelope
  • Canadian Tax Receipts require middle initial or name
  • Release repeating does not release end of month contributions


  • Newly booked rooms do not always show on Daily Plan View
  • Events filtered by activity does not always work
  • Event Occurrences with Detail report date format does not follow Regional Settings

Fund Accounting

  • Balance Sheet by Fund report always includes account numbers
  • Annual Budget Worksheet report - Budget by the group accounts are not treated as budgeted
  • Custom Reports - Income & Expense balances not reset to zero at beginning of year
  • Account Activity report ignores "show year end transactions" option
  • Cash Management report - added sort within account types

Mailing Labels

  • 14 label sheets (5162) are out of alignment
  • Envelope number cut off on 5162 labels
  • Bar codes stop printing after a problem address


  • Backup to CD/DVD not supported in Windows 7
  • Crystal Reports can error on 64 bit Windows
  • Date lookup button does not work in certain scenarios
  • Bulk e-mail - Anchor links do not work in HTML formatting
  • Zip Code sort is wrong when alternate address in use Personal Profiles
  • Export Data missing e-mail preference fields