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07/12/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A Maintenance Release dated 7/12/2010 has been published for Version 11. To download and install this from within the program, go to Help > Download Maintenance Release. To manually download and install it, visit The following changes were made in this update:

  • E-mail may not be sent to either address if one address is bad (for example: bademail;
  • Vendor names not sorted properly in "Select items to pay" list
  • HTML bookmark links not formatted properly in bulk e-mail
  • Local copy of CHM help file not being updated with Maintenance Release
  • Sync to Google Calendar hangs on error
  • Designated Contributions report title shows "Designated Givings"
  • Family email address ignored on E-mail Statement List report
  • Possible to create error message when adding new Contribution Fund
  • Birthday & Anniversary report does not include multiple months of dates
  • Beginning and Ending Instructions do not print on every group in the Family Update Form
  • Blank Family Form does not show last family or individual phone field
  • First name does not print on Current Officers labels in Activities & Skills