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02/17/2020 - Version 12 Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release dated 02/17/2020 has been released for Version 12.

The program will automatically download and install this update by going to Help > Download Maintenance Release, or you can manually download and install the Maintenance Release installer by visiting in your web browser.

PowerChurch Online servers will be updated automatically overnight. For PowerChurch Online users, no further action needs to be taken.

This Maintenance Release addresses the following issues/features:

Personal Profiles

  • Export to LifeTouch Church Directories - list of children should be space separated, not comma separated


  • Change Pledge list should be in order by date descending
  • Manual doesn't accurately detail Contribution Statement name formatting

Fund Accounting

  • Contributions with invalid dates in the distant past (year 0020) will cause a posting error

Accounts Payable

  • 1099 Vendor List report doesn't select by amount


  • WI state tax tables require percentages with four decimal places
  • OR state tax tables require percentages with four decimal places
  • NM state tax table redesigned for 2020
  • AR state tax table redesigned for 2020


  • Using the Date button doesn't automatically load events in calendar
  • Scroll through multiple years of events, then right click and Edit or Delete event causes an error