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08/02/2010 - Check In Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release for the PowerChurch Check In system has been published, dated 08/02/2010. Separate installers are available for the Server component and the Kiosk component. You can download the updates at: Once the server has been updated, kiosks must be updated before they will be able to connect to the server. This is the last Maintenance Release for Check In that will feature separate Server/Kiosk installs. After this release, when the server is updated, the kiosks will automatically be updated the next time you connect. This release contains following fixes, changes and new features:

  • Some families excluded from update family
  • Default Adult Y/N values when adding new family
  • Adult Y/N values not updated when editing a family
  • PDF manual was out of date with new features
  • Possible to receive "Minimum resolution 1024x600" message when resolution is set to 1024x600
  • Increase server timeout on the kiosk
  • New Feature - Update kiosk from server automatically