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Issue #40
Year End 2020

In this issue:
Yearly Tax Form Updates, 1099-NEC/MISC Forms, W2 Box 14 Editor, Year End Sale, January/February Support Info, Year End Archives

Issue #39
Year End 2019 Part 2

In this issue:
W4 for 2020, Improvements to Membership Reports

Issue #38
Year End 2019 Part 1

In this issue:
Reverse & Correct Contributions, Year-End Resources, Versions 11.55 and 12.2 Maintenance Releases

Issue #37
Fall 2019

In this issue:
Version 12.2 Release, Year-End Sale, Maintain Donors, PowerChurch Online Updates

Issue #36
Summer 2019

In this issue:
Budget Setup, Support Price Increase, Networking Instructions

Issue #35
Year-End 2018 Part 2

In this issue:
Navigation List, MO State Tax, 10 Most Viewed Articles & Videos, Year-End Archive

Issue #34
Year End 2018 Part 1

In this issue:
PowerChurch Online Sale, Changes to Accounting Months, State-Specific Tax Updates

Issue #33
Summer 2018

In this issue:
Oregon State Transit Tax, Version 12 Attendance Features, McAfee & Malwarebytes

Issue #32
Spring 2018

In this issue:
Version 11 End of Maintenance, Update Personal Status Codes, Save Email Templates

Issue #31
Year End 2017 - Part 2

In this issue:
Tax Table Updates, W2/W3 Forms in Version 12, New Year Articles

Issue #30
Year End 2017 - Part 1

In this issue:
PowerChurch Plus Version 12 Release, Quick Check, Online Training Video Updates, Choosing The Right Giving Options For Your Church

Issue #29
Summer 2017

In this issue:
Merge Duplicate Profiles, Backing Up and Saving Files in PowerChurch Online, Online Training Videos

Issue #28
Spring 2017

In this issue:
Online Training Video updates, Navigating PowerChurch Plus

Issue #27
Year End 2016 - Part 2

In this issue:
NACHA File Extensions, Free Online Backups, Year End Articles

Issue #26
Year End 2016 - Part 1

In this issue:
NACHA File Format, Constant Contact, Check In Kiosk, Download Links

Issue #25
Summer 2016

In this issue:
MagTek Check Reader Compatibility, Capterra.com User Reviews, Checking Your Work

Issue #24
Spring 2016

In this issue:
Vanco Payments Integration, Training Video Captions, Restart Accounting, PowerChurch Plus Upgrades

Issue #23
Year End 2015 Pt. 2

In this issue:
Year-End Articles, Tax Forms and E-Filing, Accessing PowerChurch Online From Mobile Devices

Issue #22
Year End 2015 Pt. 1

In this issue:
Visual updates, Ongoing development of Version 11.55, Newsletter archives

Issue #21
Summer/Fall 2015

In this issue:
Custom Reports Training Videos, Vanco Payment Solutions Integration, Windows 10 Compatibility

Issue #20
Spring 2015

In this issue:
Tracking Credit Cards, PowerChurch Online Shortcuts, PowerChurch Check In Updates

Issue #19
Year End 2014

In this issue:
Year End, Tax Forms, Online Giving, Compatible Tablets

Issue #18
Fall 2014

In this issue:
Windows Task Scheduler, Maintenance Releases, Compatible Products

Issue #17
Summer 2014

In this issue:
PowerChurch Online Mobile Web App, Reversing and Voiding Transactions, Vanco Services

Issue #16
Spring 2014

In this issue:
Heartbleed bug, Knowledge Base updates, Responsive web design, Web site resources, V9 compatibility

Issue #15
Year End 2013

In this issue:
Year End Newsletter Archives, Reassigning Envelope Numbers, Tax Forms and E-Filing

Issue #14
Fall 2013

In this issue:
Version 11.55 Release, Why Upgrade, Roger Koons

Issue #13
Summer 2013

In this issue:
Online Training, Account Number Lookups, Background Checks

Issue #12
Spring 2013

In this issue:
PowerChurch Online System Upgrades, Constant Contact Sync, Cyndy Whiten

Issue #11
Year End 2012

In this issue:
Year End House Cleaning, Tax Filings, Gillware Online Backup

Issue #10
Fall 2012

In this issue:
Save Report Settings, Year End Tax Filing, Sandra Lacy

Issue #9
Summer 2012

In this issue:
Intelligent Mail Barcodes, PowerChurch Online Mobile Web Access, Julia Field

Issue #8
Spring 2012

In this issue:
PowerChurch Plus and the Windows Task Scheduler, PowerChurch E-File, Diane & Rick Harrell

Issue #7
Year End 2011

In this issue:
Year End, Technical Support, Contribution Statements, PowerChurch E-File

Issue #6
Fall 2011

In this issue:
Version 11.5 update, Pledge Calculations, Change Working Month, Dynamic Systems, Sha-Ron Worthen

Issue #5
Summer 2011

In this issue:
Campbell Award, Reconcile Bank Accounts, Training Seminars, Dynamic Systems, Lou Belanger

Issue #4
Spring 2011

In this issue:
Refresh Report Options, Donor Restrictions, Constant Contact, Training Seminars

Issue #3
Year End 2010

In this issue:
Making a year end checklist, Quick Tasks menu, Dynamic Systems

Issue #2
Fall 2010

In this issue:
Version 11.1 update, Locate and Lookup lists, Contribution Designations, Constant Contact

Issue #1
Summer 2010

In this issue:
Keyboard shortcuts, Class Promotion, The Importance of Background Screening