PowerChurch Mailroom Product Tour

PowerChurch Mailroom makes it easy to prepare and qualify your mailings for the best postal discounts available!

Order Now Mailroom is priced on the number of pieces per week:
0 to 399 pieces/week: $240/year
up to 999 pieces/week: $480/year
up to 2499 pieces/week: $960/year
The mailroom assistant will guide you through your bulk mailing preparation and generate all the proper paperwork and required forms for you. To ensure that you are never behind on the latest postal requirements and rate-saving discounts, you will receive a DVD with updated postal data files every two months.

PowerChurch Mailroom is fully networkable, right out of the box. This means that the large USPS data file (over 2 GB) can be installed in a central location and shared for all workstations where PowerChurch Plus is installed.