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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneBody?

OneBody is an online church directory and social networking site that uses your existing Membership data in PowerChurch Plus to provide content for the site. Church goers can then add content to that with their own news, pictures, and other information, creating a robust, interactive hub for your church family.

Is there an online demo?

Yes, the online OneBody demo can be found at To view the admin demo, login with the username To view the user demo, login with the username The password for both is demo1.

Is this safe?

Yes, your members' information and photos will only be viewable to those that are logged in to your OneBody site. Only those that you chose to be included (by Personal Status code selection) will be able to sign up for a login.

What about privacy?

You, as the site admin, can define which fields of information are visible on the OneBody site. You can choose to hide addresses, phone numbers, etc. Each family then has the ability of customizing their own privacy settings, including removing themselves from the OneBody site completely. Only the information you choose will be visible and only to those you choose to allow to see it!

How is this different than Facebook?

This is a fairly similar concept. However, with OneBody, the church "owns" the data and content that appears on the site. It's uploaded from PowerChurch Plus and access is exclusive to church attenders. Since most people already have Facebook profile, the concept will not be lost on them. However, OneBody provides a centralized area for your church family, with no banner advertising or outside influences of any kind.

What support options are available?

The OneBody Sync application is built in to PowerChurch Plus and online, so its functionality is covered by our Technical Support staff. If your hosted OneBody site has problems, our server admins will help get that straightened out as well. If you choose to set up and maintain your own server to host OneBody yourself, getting the server configured and functioning is not something we will be able to help with.

OneBody is open source! Why are you selling it?

We are not actually selling the software. It is free of charge. We are offering to host OneBody on our dedicated server, take care of the hardware, pay for space and bandwidth in the server farm, backup the data, and do all the unpleasant things that go along with it for you. Anyone who has done this themselves will agree that it's worth $10 per month to pay someone else to do it!

What do I need to host OneBody myself?

A web server that meets the minimum requirements for the following components and their dependencies:
  • The OneBody application
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • Ruby On Rails
  • MySQL