Gillware Online Backup - Installation Walkthrough
  1. Download the install file here: Gillware Online Backup for PowerChurch Plus.

  2. If prompted, choose Save File. Once the download is complete, browse to your Downloads folder, or the location you saved the file.

  3. Double click on the program to run it. Users with newer Windows versions (Vista and higher) should right click on the file and choose "Run as administrator".

  4. Click Next through each of the prompts on the setup wizard.

  5. When the setup wizard is complete, click the Finish button.

  6. The Backup Butler application will launch automatically.

    • If you have an existing license of Gillware Online Backup service, click the "I have an account" button.

      Enter your license key and password, then click OK.

    • Otherwise, click the "Create new account" button.

      Enter your e-mail address, a phone number where you can be reached, assign a password, then click the Finish button.

      Please note: The password you enter must be six characters or more and must contain at least one of each: upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation.

  7. The Backup Butler will then communicate with Gillware's licensing system to verify the information that you have submitted.

  8. Once validation is complete, the Initial Setup screen opens.

    This screen shows that the PowerChurch directory will be included in the backup process and is assigned a High priority.

  9. Click Next and the File Type Backup list is shown.

    The PowerChurch Plus data file types are included by default (CDX, DBF, FPT, FRT, FRX, PCA) and assigned a Critical priority. You can Add or Edit file types here if needed.

  10. Click Next and then Finish.

  11. Your account information is then shown on the screen for your reference. A copy of this information will also be sent to you via e-mail.

    Click OK.

    • You will receive a phone call from a technician at Gillware within one business hour at the number you provided to help you properly configure the backup service. The backup and monitoring service will now be running in the background.

    • If you need to contact Gillware's support staff, they are available by phone at (877) 624-7206 ext. 4 or by e-mail

  12. The installation and initial setup process is now complete. You can access the Gillware Online Backup program options and settings from under the Start Menu > All Programs > Gillware Online Backup.

  13. You can also manage the backup of individual directories in My Computer or Windows Explorer by clicking the right mouse button on the folder.