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Record Keeping

Other Information

Key Features

  • Track equipment inventory
  • Track equipment value and depreciation
  • Schedule equipment in events
  • Organize church library and track borrowers
  • Print card catalog
  • Record inventory of sheet music and other media
  • Organize sermons with file attachments
Every church has a variety of information that needs to be organized. From equipment purchased by the church to books in the library, PowerChurch Plus is your one place to keep track of all of your church's information.

The Record Keeping modules let you maintain the following information:

Equipment Inventory

Compile information on your church's assets, such as office equipment and musical instruments. Record serial numbers, costs, location, value, and other related information for bookkeeping, accounting and administration. Equipment can be reserved by events in the Event Scheduling module.

Music Library

Organize your church's music so you can retrieve it easily. Maintain information on titles, composers, media, and storage reference numbers. You can also create reports that list works by a particular composer, for example.

Education Library

Track all the titles in your library, print card catalogs and other various reports. For instance, you can print a late borrowers report or list the titles in your library according to scriptural reference.

Sermon Filer

Maintain a library of past sermons and the pastors who delivered them. You can record titles, scriptural references, and link to the location of related files.