PowerChurch Plus version 10.4 updates

Membership features

  • New options on the Family Mailing List and Personal Profile Locate buttons allow you to filter the list to names starting with certain letters, by envelope number, or e-mail address.
  • The program will now automatically change the Adult Y/N field under Personal Profiles to Y whenever someone becomes an adult. The age someone is considered an adult is entered under the Dates tab of the Personal Profiles Setup options screen.
  • It is now possible to select by a range of activities and a range of absences on the Consecutive Absentee Report in Attendance.
  • The Absentee Labels/Mail Merge option in Attendance has been improved. You can now print labels or create the file to use within a mail merge based on either the absent or present status and even choose based on the percentage absent or present.

Fund Accounting features

  • Include account numbers on Balance Sheet and Income & Expense Statement reports
  • Include next year's budget amounts on Income & Expense Statement
  • Include budget amounts on Sub-Account report
  • Run the Budget report at various summary levels, like other Fund Accounting reports

Accounts Payable features

  • Print selected checks in Accounts Payable
  • Post selected transactions in Accounts Payable
  • Reassign Vendor ID function allows you to change vendor IDs or combine two together.

Payroll features

  • Employees with an "End of employment" date will automatically be excluded from Payroll runs

Contributions features

  • Option to select by contribution type has been added to the following reports in Contributions: Funds Report, Funds Report by Date, Monthly Contribution Totals, Unposted Contributions, Selected Contributors and Fund Totals by Envelope.
  • Contribution type is now included on the following reports: Full Fund Detail and Daily Amount layouts of the Contribution Statements, Unposted Contributions, Posted Contributions and Repeating Contributions.
  • Reassign a Fund Number option allows you to change a contribution fund number or combine two funds together.

Other features

  • The Bulk E-mail utility now supports e-mail servers that require a secure connection using SSL or TLS.
  • The Backup and Restore utility now supports the use of DVD burners and DVD player/CD burner combo drives for backing up data.
  • Programatically added support for tractor-feed printing, which was officially lost with Windows versions 2000 and higher.
  • Automatic Maintenance Release notifications if an internet connection is available.