PowerChurch Plus Version 12.2 Updates


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  • Family Mailing List & Personal Profiles
    • Family Update Form report has improved data selections. "Empty" families are removed from the report output.
    • Other Membership report updates
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      • Integrated Data Entry screen now has a Print Report button on the Visitations tab
      • Personal Profiles reports' Selection Criteria screen has added an Age range selection
      • Selected Dates report now uses the standard Selection Criteria screen, providing many new selection options
  • Attendance
    • Print Mailing Labels/Create Mail Merge Export now allows Personal Status Code selection


  • Maintain Donors is a new screen combining information and functionality from various areas of Contributions
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  • New Reverse & Correct process aids in accurately creating reversals and corrections
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  • Check Reader screen now allows an account to be flagged as a "Bank Issued/Bill Pay" account and not tied to a donor
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  • Print Mailing Labels has a new selection for those who haven't pledged
The following reports were added or changed in Version 12.2:
  • Contribution Statements have a redesigned "Select by amounts given" interface and reports are centered on the page
  • Selected Contributors report has a new option to exclude the amounts given
  • New report: Monthly Contributions by Payment Method
  • New report: Totals by Fund Type
  • New report: Totals by Payment Method


  • Fund Accounting
    • Option to include unposted transactions on the following reports and graphs:
      • Fund Accounting Graphs
      • Accounting Fund Balances
      • Balance Sheet by Fund
      • Changes in Equity
      • Income & Expense by Fund
      • Income & Expense by Month
      • Statement of Activities
      • Sub-account Report
      • Trial Balance
    • New Report: Balance Sheet by Month
  • Accounts Payable
    • Maintain Vendor Records screen now includes unposted transactions on the History tab
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Print Statement button added to the Maintain Customers screen
  • Payroll
    • Maintain List of Employees screen has brought back the Filter Pay Group option


  • Export to iCalendar (ICS) file for use with other calendar solutions