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You make a difference all over the world. PowerChurch makes it easier.
At PowerChurch, we know that your work extends beyond what happens at your desk. For each of you who enters data, collects membership information, tracks and manages contributions or plans events, there is a personal story to tell. After speaking with many of you, we were inspired to share some of your stories with others. The work YOU do encourages us to continue our goal of making church management easy.
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Cyndy Whiten - Mentoring students in Oklahoma

Name: Cyndy Whiten

Title: Administrator, Manford First United Methodist Church

Passion: Fulfilling a call to ministry

Why PowerChurch: It saves me days.

"Everything I've done in my life has somehow led me, enabled me, to do this job. From my work as an IT systems analyst to being a mom, it has all readied me for this. I love my work." It's always heartening to find someone who is doing something they love but who hasn't simply stalled there. This would describe Cyndy. Her day-to-day task list at Manford United reveals an exciting, protean and impressive variety of activities that cause her to stretch herself weekly to meet the needs of her church. These days, those needs include assisting a new mission team that will visit Mexico to rebuild part of a church, hosting Vacation Bible School, and ministering to locals for a couple of weeks.

As Administrator, Cyndy chose PowerChurch Plus because it allows her to keep track of people, resources, ministries and money without her time being consumed by details. "Initially, I was consumed with using the attendance and contributions modules, which I love! They literally save me days of work with spreadsheets and mail merge... it's quick and easy. Now, I'm designing reports and am amazed at all of the things I can do. People will ask for all kinds of information and I can whip out a report in no time that provides what they need. I think this software is great!"

When she's not whipping out reports, Cyndy devotes her time to the students at her church, many of whom have access to her as a mentor and second mom. Her devotion to them is evident in the time she spends and in the types of programs she helps execute. "We have a phenomenal new youth pastor who suggested that we create an 'Adopt a Student' program. It was a tremendous success. Our students were adopted secretly, so they didn't know who we were. We gave them encouragement in the form of letters and gifts - all anonymous of course - and then finally met them at a party where we revealed that we were their secret parent/mentor. It was a moving evening. I cannot begin to describe the depth and importance of those relationships. It's really powerful."

Cyndy's voice when speaking about the teens at her church changes from business-like to tender focus. At PowerChurch, it is precisely this kind of devotion, focus and fortitude that we love to support.

"I really was called to be in this place, this position," she said. "I provide stability and this place is my second home. So many good things happen right here."