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How Do I Update My Minnesota Tax Tables?

Where do I find the tax tables?

For MN tax tables, you will need the current "Minnesota Income Tax Withholding" instruction booklet from the MN Department of Revenue.

Which tables do I use?

Use the tables shown in the computer formula method described in this booklet. Figure 1 shows an example.

Note that the figures shown in this document are for demonstration purposes only, and may not be current. Please consult the current publication for the most up-to-date information. Though the figures change periodically, the method of calculation should remain the same. If the calculation method has changed for this state please notify the webmaster.


Figure 1 - 2024 Annual Percentage Tables

How to setup/update the tables in PowerChurch Plus

To setup/update PowerChurch Plus with the state tax tables shown in Figure 1 above, select the Accounting menu, Payroll, Setup, then Maintain Tax Tables. A separate table will need to be created for the single and married table rates.

Click Add to enter a new table, or use the Find/Locate buttons to select an existing MN tax table to update. When adding a new table, you will be prompted for the type of tax table you're adding. Select State: Minnesota. For each table, enter the following information:

  • Description: Enter a unique name to identify the tax table (for example, "MN State Tax - Married").
  • Tax type: The type of tax in which this table applies. In this instance, select State Tax.
  • Withholding allowance: Enter the amount for one withholding allowance. This amount is shown in Step 3 of the computer formula method described in the Minnesota Income Tax Withholding booklet.

  • Round tax to nearest whole dollar: Check this box to round the calculated tax amount to the nearest whole dollar.
  • Annual Rate Table: Click the Annual Rate Table tab. From the table shown in Figure 1, enter the figures from the "But not more than" column followed by the tax rate shown from the "Multiply result by" column (enter as a percentage). Note that the first bracket shown in the table does not start from 0. In order for the calculation to work properly, the first bracket entered into PowerChurch Plus must be at 0%.

When you are done, the screen should look like this:


Figure 2a - MN State Single Tax Table (Deduction and Exemption Information)

Figure 2b - MN State Single Tax Table (Annual Rate Table)

Created: 12/03/2009
Last updated: 12/27/2023