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Custom Report Example - Member Name and Occupation

This example produces a list from the Personal Profiles module. It shows members' names and their occupation. The occupation field is an example of one of the defined note fields in Personal Profiles. If you prefer, you can choose one of the note fields you have defined. The purpose of this example is to demonstrate the basics of creating a query.

To create the name and occupation report:

1. Add a new query with the title "Name and Occupation of Members"

In the Personal Profiles sub-menu, select Custom Reports. If this is the first query for the module, you are prompted for the title of the query. Otherwise, select Add on the Query List Manager.

2. Define the filter condition.

This is where you specify a filter condition that chooses the names of individuals who are members. In this example, individuals are members if they have the code Member in their Personal Status Code field. Specify this condition on the three tabbed pages of the Filter Condition window.

Step 1: Pick a Field. From the list of fields, choose Personal Status Code.

Step 2: Pick an Operator. Choose "Exactly matches".

Step 3: Enter a Value. Choose Member from the drop-down list of possible values for the Personal Status code. When you're finished, click Done.

3. Choose the output fields for the query.

When you exit the Filter Building window in step 2, PowerChurch Plus may ask if you want to run the query now. Choose Yes. Otherwise, from the Query List Manager, highlight the new report and click Select. On the Select Fields to Show in Query window, choose the following fields, in order, as output: Last Name, First Name; and Occupation. Click Done to exit this window and go to the Query Overview window.

4. Specify the sort order.

On the Query Overview window, click Edit Sort Order. Select the Last Name, First Name field to sort by. Click Done to return to the Query Overview window.

5. Run the query.

Check the Browse Query Results option on the Query Overview window. The type of output should be a Column Layout Report, which is the default option. Click Run Query. The results of your query appear in a window.

After you are finished viewing the results, close the window. You see a prompt asking if you want to continue. Click Yes to see the Setup for Column Layout Report dialog box.

Print the report.

Select the Printer option on the Setup for Column Layout Report dialog box. Then click Start Report to see the Print dialog box. Finally, click OK to print your report.

This article applies to the following PowerChurch versions:
PCPlus V 7, PCPlus V 8, PCPlus V 8.5, PCPlus V 9, PCPlus V 10/10.4, PCPlus V 11/11.1, PCPlus V 11.5/11.55, PowerChurch Online

Created: 12/03/2009
Last updated: 04/21/2015