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PowerChurch Software Newsletter - Spring 2017

In this issue of the PowerChurch Software Newsletter, we cover some exciting and important updates to our online training videos and also discuss the different methods of navigating around in the program.

Never-Ending Access to Your Online Training Videos

Previously, when you ordered Online Training Videos, you had unlimited streaming access for one year. We have now removed the concept of expiration dates, which means any videos that you purchase from this point forward will always be available for streaming. This also applies to those you previously purchased. Regardless of the expiration date of your past Online Training Videos order, when you log into your account, you will now have streaming access to those videos again.

Build Your Own Video Bundles

In addition to the expiration dates being removed, we have revamped the bundle discounts. Previously, the bundles were predefined and discounted 20%. Now you can create your own bundles, choosing whichever video series you want to include. Simply add four video series to the cart and you will automatically receive 20% off the total. Add eight or more and the discount goes up to 30%!

This allows you to take advantage of those bundle discounts, while getting access to only the videos you need.

Online Training Video Updates

We reviewed all of the many, many changes and additions that have been published in our software over the last couple of years and updated the appropriate training videos. Six out of eleven training video series have been updated. If you previously purchased training videos, head back over and take a look to see what new features and changes may have been documented.

Navigating PowerChurch Plus

There are several different ways to get around in PowerChurch Plus. This article explains the different options that you have.

1. The standard Windows menu bar

This is the traditional means of navigating a program in Windows. The gray menu bar across the top of the screen has top level options of Membership, Accounting, Contributions, Events, and Utilities. Every menu option and every screen is available via the menu bar. You can navigate the menu options via mouse clicks or the ALT key shortcuts. Press the ALT key on your keyboard and Windows will reveal the shortcut keys for each menu option by underlining the letter.

However, the menu bar navigation can often require quite a few clicks or keystrokes to get to a particular menu option. For example, to get to the Payroll Setup Options screen, click Accounting > Payroll > Setup > Payroll Setup or on the keyboard, press ALT > A > P > S > S. The following navigation methods are much more efficient.

2. Quick Menus

Most menus in PowerChurch Plus feature a "Quick Menu" option. This opens a small form on the screen with a few shortcuts to the most common menu options for that particular area of the program. For example, using the Payroll Quick Menu, it only takes one click to get to the Payroll Setup screen.

If you know that you will be working in one area of the program for a while, you can start off by opening the Quick Menu, which gives you one click access to the menu options in that area. You can also specify a list of Quick Menus that you want PowerChurch to open automatically when you start the program. To do this, go to File > Preferences > User Setup Options. Click on the Quick Menus tab and place a check mark next to each Quick Menu that you want to open automatically at program startup.

Here's a video tour of the Quick Menus functionality:

3. The Quick Tasks menu

The Quick Tasks menu is the small window that is docked along the left side of the PowerChurch Plus window. It allows you to set up shortcuts to your most commonly used menu options.

To set up your own customized Quick Tasks, click the gear icon at the bottom right of the Quick Tasks menu or go to File > Preferences > User Setup Options. Click on the Quick Tasks tab. There you can define groups and specify links to each individual data entry screen and/or report that you use on a regular basis. There you can also enable or disable the option for PowerChurch Plus to automatically open the Quick Tasks menu when the program runs. This option can also be set by checking (or unchecking) the "Auto-start" option at the bottom left of the Quick Tasks menu.

Here's a video tour of the Quick Tasks menu functionality:

Forum Q&A

The Support Forum on our web site is a very active online community of our users and Tech Support staff members. There you can browse through thousands of questions and answers, or post your own.

From Accounting:
Q. We use a service for payroll but still need to keep track of the taxes paid. The person who set our system up has Federal, Social Security, and Medicare all coming out of the same account. I need to change it so they all come out of the correct accounts, but can't see how to do it.
A. The accounts used are set up on the Maintain Item Descriptions screen in Payroll. Find those tax items and then change the accounts used.

From Accounting:
Q. How do you establish the balance of vacation time staff can take? I understand how to charge for the vacation time.
A. It's done in the same manner, but instead of "USE" time, you "EARN" time.

From Accounting:
Q. On the Check Register under the Reconciled column, I can't figure out what the "C" means. "Y" and "N" are easy. What is the "C"?
A. Until you properly finish the reconciliation, transactions will show as Cleared instead of Yes.

Created: 03/08/2017
Last updated: 07/25/2021