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Networking Instructions for PowerChurch Plus

PowerChurch Plus can be installed as a local network share for an unlimited number of users or computers to access. To be properly networked, you only need to install the software on one computer, which will act as the server or host for PowerChurch. All other workstations that need access will be connecting to this computer to access the shared PowerChurch installation.


What do I need to do first?

These instructions are assuming that you have already installed PowerChurch Plus on the server/host computer. If you are planning to use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) or other non-Windows based device to host the PowerChurch Plus data, follow the directions in the Installing PowerChurch Plus on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) Device article to get it installed.

There are two parts to the networking process: Server/Host Setup and Workstation Setup. Because of differences in the process from one version of Windows to the next, we have added separate instructions, linked below, for each.


What do I need to know before starting?

You will need to know which version of Windows your computers are running. If you are unsure, right click on My Computer or This PC and choose Properties. The window that opens should tell you which Windows version/edition you are running.

You will also need to know which version of PowerChurch Plus you have. If you haven't yet installed the software, take a look at the installation CD or download link that was sent. The version number will be printed on the CD or coded into the file name (Example: the PowerChurch Plus Version 12 installer is pc12install.exe). If you have already installed the software, start it up and go to Help > About PowerChurch Plus. That screen will show the version number.



Server/Host Computer Setup


1. Computer Name and Workgroup/Domain Name.

The first thing that you will need to do on the server/host computer is to make note of the Computer Name and the Workgroup or Domain name. This will be necessary information later when connecting workstations.

My server/host computer is running:


2. Sharing the PowerChurch Folder.

Next, for other computers on the network to be able to access PowerChurch, you will need to share the folder.

My server/host computer is running:



Workstation Setup

Now that the server is set up, the next steps are done at the workstations you want to be able to access that shared network installation of PowerChurch Plus.


1. Verify that you can see the PowerChurch share from here.

Before moving forward, it is a good idea to verify that you have access to the PowerChurch share we just set up on the server/host computer.

Open My Computer or This PC and enter the Computer Name of the server in the address bar with backslashes like this:


You should then see the PowerChurch share, as well as any other shares that have been enabled on the server. If you don't see the share or get a message that it can't access the server, verify that you are on the same Workgroup or Domain name on this computer as the server.

2. For PowerChurch Plus Versions 10.4 and prior, it is necessary to map a network drive to the PowerChurch share on the server/host computer.

If using Versions 11 or higher of PowerChurch Plus, this step is optional. Feel free to skip to the next step.

My workstation is running:


3. Run Netsetup.

PowerChurch includes an installer file specifically for this purpose. Netsetup will install everything needed on the workstation to access a network share of PowerChurch Plus.

To do this:

  • Open My Computer or This PC.
  • If you mapped a network drive in the last step, browse into the mapped drive. Otherwise, enter the server/host Computer Name and PowerChurch share in the address bar like this:


  • What you will see inside the shared folder will vary based on what version of PowerChurch Plus you have:
    • Versions 8 and 8.5 - Find and run the program called Netsetup.exe
    • Versions 9 and 10 - Find and run the program called Netsetup##.exe (## being the version number).
    • Versions 11 and higher - Open the Install folder, then find and run the program called Netsetup##.exe (## being the version number).
  • Click Next through all of the prompts to allow the software to install.


When it is complete, you will have a new PowerChurch Plus icon on your Desktop. This workstation is all set!

Repeat those two or three steps on each workstation you want to have access to the shared PowerChurch Plus installation.

Created: 01/18/2019
Last updated: 01/22/2019