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PowerChurch Software Newsletter - Year End 2020

Welcome to the year end issue of the PowerChurch Software Newsletter for 2020. It has been a challenging year, to say the least. We wish you all a much more predictable and prosperous 2021! In this issue, we cover some of the year end updates we have made for tax forms and filing processes, our year end sale/promotion, and revisit the year end support article archives.

Yearly Tax Form Updates

Versions 11.55 and 12.2 have been updated with the new tax forms and filing processes for tax year 2020. Older versions of the software, Versions 11.1 and prior, are no longer under maintenance and therefore not updated for tax year 2020. You can purchase the upgrade to Version 12.2 on our website at or by phone at (800) 486-1800.

1099-NEC/MISC Forms and Filing

The 1099-NEC form is new for tax year 2020. The non-employee compensation that was previously reported to vendors on form 1099-MISC are now to be reported on form 1099-NEC. The 1099-MISC form is still used for reporting rents paid to vendors. PowerChurch Plus Versions 11.55 and 12.2 now support both forms in Accounts Payable. Version 11.55 users also received a free feature update, which now supports printing the 1096 form directly.

W2 Box 14 Editor

On the W2 preview screen in Versions 11.55 and 12.2, the Box 14 notes field now includes an editor to help format the reported information, making them consistent and maximizing the use of the limited space available in that field. There are a few standard items built-in and you can add some of your own. These items will be stored in the PowerChurch database for use on other employees' forms and future filing years.

Year End Sale - Two Free Months of PowerChurch Online Service

Every year, PowerChurch Software has a year end sale for new users which runs from November 1 to January 31. This offer is also extended to existing PowerChurch Plus desktop users who are signing up for PowerChurch Online for the first time. With the purchase of a monthly or yearly subscription, you'll receive two additional months free.

PowerChurch Online is an installation of PowerChurch Plus which resides on our servers that is accessed remotely from across the internet. It's Windows and Mac compatible, includes new version upgrades, and unlimited Technical Support service at no additional charge. For more information, including pricing & ordering, visit

January/February Support Info

The beginning of the year is always a busy time for everyone - sending out contribution statements/tax receipts, filing payroll tax forms, and there are always many new users just getting PowerChurch set up for the first time. Historically, we have experienced 300-400% increase in Technical Support traffic by phone and email in January and February.

Our technicians have been working remotely for nine months, so our processes are as streamlined as possible. We will continue to work remotely in the coming months, but if you need support, you can still just give us a call at (800) 486-1800 and a technician will return your call as quickly as possible. Under normal circumstances during January and February, the call back times can regularly be more than an hour or two. Support emails are normally answered within a few hours, but in January and February, you can more realistically expect a turnaround time of one to two business days.

Please be patient as we work through the coming busy period. Things will begin to slow back down for us all around the end of February. There are many helpful and informative support resources available on our website at that may be able to help you resolve the issue or answer your question.

Year End Archives

In prior year end issues of the newsletter, we published articles and reminders specific to year end processes and support. There is a dedicated page on our website at where you can find links to those articles and other articles pertinent to year end, such as support traffic and tax filing info.

Created: 01/05/2021
Last updated: 07/25/2021