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PowerChurch Online - Mobile Web Access Login

The PowerChurch Online mobile web app is accessible from the following address:

There are three fields on the screen for logging in.

Online access username: This is the pcu# that you use when logging in to the IDS Client.

Click this icon to run the IDS Client

pcu12345 is the "Online access username". If you have multiple pcu logins, such as pcu12345a and pcu12345b, leave off the letter and just use pcu12345.


PowerChurch username & Password: If you have users & passwords enabled in PowerChurch, this is the username that you use when logging in.

The login prompt when running the PowerChurch Plus program. Jason is the "PowerChurch username". The password you enter here is the password. System Admin does not have access to the mobile site.

Please note: If you do not have passwords enabled in PowerChurch Plus, you will still need to set up a user account for accessing the mobile site. In PowerChurch Plus, go to File > Preferences > Passwords. Click the User Profiles button.

Created: 09/09/2013
Last updated: 05/27/2020