Year End Support Resources

January/February Technical Support Information

The beginning of the year is always a busy time for everyone; sending out contribution statements/tax receipts, filing payroll taxes, and there are always many new users just getting PowerChurch set up for the first time. Historically, we have experienced around 400% increase in Technical Support traffic by phone and e-mail in January and February.

Throughout the rest of the year, when you call in to speak with someone in Technical Support, you can usually expect to connect with someone directly, or receive a call back quickly. During January and February, the call back times are usually much longer, but we do always return calls the same day. Support e-mails are normally answered within one business day, but in January and February, you can more realistically expect a turnaround time of two business days.

There are many support resources on our website that may help you find an answer on your own at no charge, 24/7. We are still here to help and never discourage anyone from asking for assistance. For those who may not know these resources are available, you might be able to save yourself an hour or two of waiting. That can make the difference in whether you have a productive day or not.

Bookmark this page in your browser for quicker answers in a hectic time of year!

Tax Forms and E-Filing

1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, and 1096 Forms. Versions 11.5 and 12 will work with compatible 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, and 1096 forms. Versions 11.5 and 12 can e-file 1099-MISC & 1099-NEC forms.

W2/W3 Forms. Versions 11.5 and 12 will work with compatible W2/W3 forms. Versions 11.5 and 12 can e-file W2 forms. Version 12 can print W2/W3 forms on plain paper.

941 Form. Versions 11.5 and 12 include the 941 form. Versions 11.5 and 12 can e-file the 941 form. Versions 11.5 and 12 will be updated via Maintenance Release each year once new forms are published.

Tax Forms and E-Filing Resources

PowerChurch E-file Service. Versions 11.5 and higher of PowerChurch Plus include the ability to electronically file the W2, 941, and 1099-MISC forms. Visit to register an account. There you can choose which services you would like, including state and federal filing, print and mail service, and even electronic/e-mail delivery of forms.

Dynamic Systems. If you plan to print forms rather than electronic filing, we recommend Dynamic Systems. Their tax forms, computer check stock, and other business forms are the ones we use to develop those features in PowerChurch. This means everything will line up without issue. Visit their website to order and view sample products or give them a call at (800) 782-2946.

Older Versions of PowerChurch Plus. Versions 11.1 and prior of PowerChurch Plus are no longer under maintenance and have therefore not been updated with the latest tax forms and changes to tax calculation methods. If you are using PowerChurch Plus for tax filings in Payroll and Accounts Payable, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest release, to make sure that you have access to these necessary maintenance updates. To view a list of what has been added or changed in the software in recent versions, visit