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04/22/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release has been published for PowerChurch Plus version 11. The following issues were resolved in this release:


  • Possible to receive a C5 exception error with lots of events
  • Clarified Room conflict resolution screen
  • Daily plan view doesn't show newly added rooms after editing an event


  • Funds Report - Fund range selection ignored
  • Family e-mail setting is ignored on e-mail Contribution Statements if profile e-mail is included in statements
  • Bank Deposit Slip report - multiple dates selection is scrolled to bottom


  • Tab order on Filter Attendance screen
  • First Time Attenders report - Excludes those that are not permanent members of the activity

Accounts Payable

  • Vendor Directory report - Sort option ignored
  • Release repeating transactions does not release end of month transactions


  • Maintain Item Descriptions - Add new liability account only allows expense
  • Maintain item Descriptions - Invalid Help context ID
  • Process Payroll - Total hours label is incorrect
  • Payroll Check Register report - check number column is not wide enough
  • Maintain List of Employees - Error 107 updating Tax information for an item whose type has been changed
  • Add New Employee - Is eligible for retirement plan setting is not saved


  • Visitations - Visitations information visible to users without access
  • Print 3x5 cards - Missing home phone number on Family and Personal cards
  • Print mailing labels - Possible "variable ibarcode" error message
  • Church Directory report always prints family e-mail
  • Registration - Added a link to re-launch registration process from Help > About PowerChurch Plus

04/06/2010 - PowerChurch Online - New Mac client published

There is an updated IDS Client for Mac available at This was published to address some instability in the connection process. For those using an existing IDS Client for Mac, simply download and install the new client dmg file over top of the existing program. There should not be a need to uninstall before installing the update.

04/06/2010 - New KB Article - Creating a locked down web kiosk

We have published a new article in the Knowledge Base, that walks through the steps to creating a locked-down Check In kiosk, using the Web Kiosk functionality in the PowerChurch Check In system. Creating a locked down web kiosk

03/30/2010 - Check In Demo Video Added

The first in a series of Check In demo videos has been added to the site. You can find it on our YouTube page, Check In product tour, and video tutorials.

03/25/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A Maintenance Release dated 3/25/2010 was published, which resolved the following issues:

  • Backup & Restore - CD/DVD burning functionality added for Windows 7 computers
  • Google Sync - Can not use "<" or ">" characters in the event description. Parses as invalid XML and returns an error
  • Google Sync - [Feature] Only events from the past 30 days and newer will be synced
  • Accounts Payable - [Feature] Added warning if new invoice does not affect an asset account
  • Payroll - Adding new employee errors with "Specified key already exists"
  • Payroll > Void Check - Possible to create invalid accounting transaction when voiding a check
  • Payroll > Tax Tables - Maryland and South Carolina tax tables will error if the "Round to nearest dollar" box is checked

03/22/2010 - New Video - Class Promotion

We have added a new video to the YouTube page. It has also been added to the site here. This video is only about a minute and forty seconds long, giving an overview of the new Class Promotion feature in Version 11.

03/08/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release has been issued for Version 11. The following issues were resolved in this release:

  • Accounts Payable > Check Printing - Account names used on bottom check stub sometimes use wrong account name
  • Contributions > Audit Log (feature change) - Now tracks when a Contribution Fund name is changed
  • Contributions > Contribution Funds - Does not require a fund name
  • Contributions > Maintain List of Contribution Funds - Tab order is off
  • Contributions > Maintain List of Contribution Funds - Add default bank account in "Debit (bank) account" field
  • Contributions > Statements - Full Fund Details layout not properly combining +/- entries
  • Contributions > Repeating Contributions - Fund number not properly assigned if not selected from the lookup
  • Events > Google Sync - Events in Daylight Savings Time have the wrong time
  • General - Maintenance Release does not automatically download
  • OneBody Sync - Possible error during sync if anniversary date field is set to
  • Payroll - Georgia state taxes not calculating properly
  • Payroll > Maintain Item Descriptions - Next/Previous buttons lose focus to the item number
  • Payroll > Unposted Transactions report - No sort order defined for items under each employee
  • Payroll > Posting (feature change) - Option to skip account validation when posting (for those with non-standard account setups)
  • Payroll > Maintain List of Employees - Error when moving employee to "Former Employees" group
  • Print Mailing Labels - Error when printing labels in street address order

02/26/2010 - New video - Finish Payroll Conversion

We have added a new video to the YouTube page. It has also been added to the site here. This quick video, approximately 5 minutes long, provides a walk-through of the Finish Payroll Conversion process, which you would see after upgrading to Version 11.

02/23/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A Maintenance Release dated 02/23/2010 was released for Version 11 that addressed the following issues:


  • An error occurs when clicking the Lookup button on Year Pledge Processing
  • Custom Reports - Designation information not available in custom reports
  • Help files correction: Bank Deposit Slip does not filter by Contribution Type

Fund Accounting

  • Custom Reports - Access denied error if user does not have permissions for Accounts Payable
  • Duplicate trans_no causes certain transactions to not show in bank reconciliation
  • Balance Sheet By Fund report - Account numbers are always printed. Setting ignored.
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts - (Feature change) Sort first by reference, then by date
  • Detail Changes in Equity - Report does not include direct transactions

Accounts Payable

  • Release Repeating - The Clear All button doesn't do anything
  • Release Repeating - Ignores next release date
  • Add Vendor from Manual Check or Invoice screen and "State" field is not saved


  • The Line Description is wrong on Fund Accounting transaction from Payroll checks
  • Voids stored in data as positive hours instead of negative
  • Don't process selected items does not stop processing the items
  • Clicking the Print Test button on the W3 align page causes an error
  • Contribution deduction items don't show on check stub
  • Employee start date required to issue checks


  • Google sync fails with hosted Google accounts
  • Google sync may error with "specified key exists"
  • Google Sync - Changing an event description does not trigger the update in sync


  • Family Mailing List > Import Data - (Feature change) Display better error reporting, when a problem with file format
  • Visitations > Custom Reports - Visitation codes not displayed properly
  • Attendance > Register Form - (Feature change) Always show role in Weekly Column Format
  • Attendance > Detail Attendance By Activity Type report - (Feature change) Now grouped by family, sorted alphabetically

01/25/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

The following issues were addressed in a Maintenance Release dated 01/25/2010:

  • Contribution check number on the Maintain Personal Profiles screen shows first 6 digits of check number, instead of last 6 digits
  • Contribution check number on the View Posted Contributions screen shows first 6 digits of check number, instead of last 6 digits
  • Check number field on Contribution Detail screen (click the Details button on the View Posted Contributions screen) is not wide enough to show a full 20 digit check number
  • Posted Contributions report truncates the last digit off the date on certain printers (HP 6MP)
  • Contribution Statements reports do not "refresh" the Report Options properly.
  • Canadian Tax Receipts, when middle name is included, space missing between middle name and last name
  • Exclusive file access is required when posting Contributions. This does not need to be the case. Only when modifying existing data do you need exclusive file access.
  • Google Calendar sync in Events gives "File does not exist" error
  • Accounts Payable - Repeating manual checks always release as negative check amount

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