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07/18/2018 - Version 12 Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release dated 07/18/2018 has been released for PowerChurch Plus Version 12.

The program will automatically download and install this update by going to Help > Download Maintenance Release, or you can manually download and install the Maintenance Release installer by visiting in your web browser.

PowerChurch Online servers will be updated automatically overnight. No further action needs to be taken.

This Maintenance Release resolves the following issues:

Personal Profiles

  • New Invalid E-mail Addresses report added


  • Attendance Register Form - long notes don't print properly in some layouts
  • Attendance Register Form - notes aren't saved regardless of the Save Notes option


  • Don't auto assign envelope number in the inactive envelope number range
  • Don't keep the Designation field choice when entering multiple contributions into a fund
  • Pledge Statement report doesn't group data properly when the report is run in envelope number order
  • Contribution Statements/Tax Receipts addresses aren't consistent in different layouts and some don't align with window envelopes

Fund Accounting

  • It is possible to have a duplicate account number after completing accounting setup assistant


  • In certain circumstances, a Crystal Reports error can occur when e-mailing reports
  • A backslash () in an e-mail address shouldn't be considered valid and causes the Constant Contact Sync to error