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09/08/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A Maintenance Release dated 9/8/2010 has been published for Version 11. To download and install this from within the program, go to Help > Download Maintenance Release. To manually download and install it, visit The following changes were made in this update:

Accounts Receivable

  • Suffixes are being ignored, causing John Smith Jr. and John Smith Sr. to be combined on reports and invoices.


  • Activities that are marked to not record attendance should not show on Attendance Register Forms
  • Possible to have duplicate names on Consecutive Absentees report
  • Consecutive Absentee report inserts a blank page when saved as Word doc

Church Directory

  • Home Phone number moved back to the top right when pictures are not included


  • Contributions - Import Contributions shows error message on Macs in PC Online
  • Date Selections - Month of August has only 30 days in "This Month" selection
  • E-mail - File attachments do not work properly on Macs in PC Online.

Fund Accounting

  • Zero total Contributions causes empty line in Fund Accounting transaction.
  • Field widths increased on the Bank Reconciliation screen to allow more digits displayed
  • Possible to get an error message when clicking the "Restart" button on the Unposted Transactions report


  • Generic Tax Tables no longer require Standard Deduction
  • Time Earned does not show properly on check stub
  • Income items can now debit any type of account, not just expense
  • W2 doesn't show local wages if employee has no local deductions
  • Quarterly Report does not show middle initial or suffix
  • Wage & Hour report does not show middle initial or suffix

PC Today

  • The Accounts Payable page will not display in PowerChurch Today if you do not have Fund Accounting privileges

Personal Profiles

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries report does not use preferred name field


  • Built-in reports do not automatically print to the default paper tray
  • Updated many incorrect Help Context IDs in the online help document (used when you press F1 key)


  • Added new topics into the online help regarding customizing mailing labels and check layouts
  • Contributions - Check Reader screen now verifies that the correct system files are installed for your version of Windows.
  • Family Mailing List - Pictorial Directory (now called Selected Families With Pictures) added into Family Mailing List reports
  • Family Mailing List - Option to print Family Update Forms for alignment with window envelopes
  • Mailing Labels - Added an option on Mailing Labels Setup screen to change the way "One label per household" names are arranged. Rather than "The Smith Family", it allows you to have the labels display "John & Sarah Smith (Billy, Wendy)".
  • Maintenance Release - Once an MR is automatically installed, the program starts up automatically
  • Payroll - Added taxable benefits (ie life insurance) item type, will show code C in box 12 on W2
  • Payroll - Pay Period on Process Payroll screen now changes depending on which pay group you are processing
  • Payroll - Preview of Paycheck Items report (now called Employee Pay Items report) added into the Payroll reports menu and also on the Process Payroll screen
  • Payroll - Added Select All/Clear All button to Post Payroll screen
  • PowerChurch Mailroom - added option for "One label per household" labels