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10/06/2010 - Check In Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release for the PowerChurch Check In system has been published, dated 10/6/2010. There are no longer separate installers for kiosk and server components. The kiosks will update automatically after connecting to the server the first time. This release contains following fixes, changes and new features:

  • Error handling added for web cam
  • Location of onscreen keyboard blocks fields on some screens
  • People not currently checked in can be italicized and grayed out in the Check In screen (as if they are already checked in)
  • Laser printer check in forms not printing in some cases
  • An error can occur if the data files reside on a different computer than the Check In Server
  • Class name causes a problem on labels if not printed
  • Bar code scan does not find member, but searching for bar code string does
  • Web Check In error message after resetting theme
  • Check In shows the wrong family information if you go through a certain series of steps
  • Dymo label layouts are now cached in the Kiosk system files on a per-session basis for faster printing