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11/16/2023 - Check In 14 Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release for PowerChurch Check In Version 14 has been published, dated 11/16/2023.

The Check In Server application will update itself automatically for PowerChurch Plus users. The PowerChurch Online Check In Servers have already been updated. Check In Kiosks will pop up a notification that an update will be installed next time the kiosk application is closed.

This Maintenance Release contains the following fixes:


  • Read only error when assigning a barcode
  • Update existing barcode is assigning additional barcode, rather than replacing the old one
  • Existing barcode should be selected in the field when the form loads


  • Reprint labels from Class Roster doesn't print anything in certain situations

Mac kiosk

  • Mac kiosk app shows a warning that it can't be checked for malicious software